We use mainly low-cost index and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to create a diversified portfolio so that you can earn optimal returns without paying high fees.  We develop an investment program specific to you by understanding your current life goals, assessing your personal risk tolerance and knowing when you and your family will need the money.

Investing Services

We provide ongoing investing services or we can provide clear action steps so you can put your own investment program in place.  Our ongoing investment services include:

  • Regular check-ins to make any adjustments to changing situations
  • Rebalancing to make sure your portfolio stays within target
  • Ongoing financial planning services for minimum account balances

Our Investing Process:

  1. Understand your goals.  Learn about your long and short-term goals, your current financial situation and your existing assets.
  2. Assess Risk.  Assess your personal risk tolerance and when you will need your money so we can create an investment strategy with the optimal mix of assets.
  3. Allocate:  After we’ve completed the risk assessment, we determine the balance between cash, bonds and equities that’s right for you.
  4. Diversify:  Create a diversified portfolio for the bond and equity portion of your portfolio using mainly index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  We choose from a large variety of asset classes including fixed-income, international, real estate, and domestic markets.
  5. Implement:  Provide clear action steps so you can put your investment program in place.  Or, we can put the plan in place for you.
  6. Review and Rebalance:  Review and rebalance your portfolio twice a year or as changes in your personal circumstances suggest.

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